Polymer Clay figurine

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STEP 1: Choose and Provide a photo of yourself

Choose a few favorite photos of yourself or your love ones. Front view photos must be provided and features must also be clearly seen.
Remarks: As photos are the main component for producing the hand-made customized ceramic doll, photo selection is very important

STEP 2: Choose a landscape to match

We provide more than 30 different types of landscapes for our customers to choose from to match their customized doll. This will make the final product even more interesting & exclusive. Our landscapes selections are designed to suit all ages, races, status etc.

STEP 3: Fabrication/ Hand-made Process

Basically, our professional artists will base on customers’ requirements to do the initial fabrication of the customized doll’s face shape. After this is done, we proceed to the first high temperature heating process, which have to be completed before proceeding on to do the features of customers. Upon completion of the features process, our first quality control check is carried out before going through the heating process again. Finally, after second heat-up, the artist will work on the make-up and hair-do of the doll.

STEP 4: Dolly is made

Upon completion of hair-do and make-up to the customized doll, a final stage of quality control will be made. If any defects are seen, the doll will be rejected and the process has to be repeated from step 1 again. Due to our strict quality control, the production / fabrication process will take a longer period. Customers’ satisfaction is our ultimate goal. After a final round of quality control and approval, the product is sent to the assembly and packaging department to mount with the body and landscape. The finished product is carefully handled and packed f

5.00 out of 5

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